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Duas camada Cotovelo véus nupciais com Borda enfeitada (006003756)

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Preço original: R$ 249,20

Preço: R$  124,56
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    Envio3-6 DiasR$ 182,71R$ 53,95(70% de desconto)
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  • R$ 124,56
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  • Categoria:  Cotovelo véus nupciais
  • Tecido:  Tule
  • Camadas do véu:  Duas camada
  • Formato do véu:  Clássico
  • Estilo Da Borda:  Borda enfeitada
  • Embelezamento:  Beading, Lantejoulas
  • Comprimento de véu real:  33.46 polegada (85cm)
  • Como usar:  Véus com pente, pronto a vestir
  • Côr Disponível:  branco, marfim
  • Côr Mostrada:  branco
  • Temporada:  Primavera, Verão, Outono, Inverno
  • Dicas:  Cor & Estilo representação pode variar de monitor
  • Mais curto camada comprimento:  21.65 polegada (55cm)


Pepoimentos sobre o produto: Pepoimentos sobre o produto

Por carla2013-08-15 03:00:34DEPOIMENTO EM DESTAQUE
I received my veil yesterday, it is more beautiful than the picture! ^
really loved it in my marriage for sure I am more beautiful than ever with the veil, really a special day
I am very satisfied. Thank you so much
Por Penelope2013-08-04 00:37:19DEPOIMENTO EM DESTAQUE
I received the veil the day before yesterday, It came a lot earlier than expected.
Your makers make it perfect and I can't find any defect on the veil. It's quite a beautiful veil, and what’s more the length is suitable for me.. Thank you for everything!
Por Atalanta2013-07-27 23:59:22DEPOIMENTO EM DESTAQUE
this veil is so amazing.i did not wait to try it on with my wedding dress.they match perfectly.and the veil is really in good quality,very soft and comfortable.By the way,the bead work at the edge is exquisite.Love your work!!thanks a lot.
Por Rachelle2013-07-26 00:57:51DEPOIMENTO EM DESTAQUE
The real veil I received from this online store looks great, and it is just showed as the pictures showed. I am very pleased with the outlook of this veil and the quality! Will recommmend this site to my friends. Thanks!
Por Nancy2013-07-16 01:13:50DEPOIMENTO EM DESTAQUE
I got my veil and i'm very happy with it. The delivery is prompt and it is of high quality. I cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day! I will definitely come back to order other items on your website.
Por Mirabelle2013-07-16 00:51:44DEPOIMENTO EM DESTAQUE
at first, i only found one tier veil , but i was not sure so i asked you for more advice and your kind customer service staff told me one, although this is a two tiers veil, it is also graceful too
Por Terry2013-05-13 20:21:58DEPOIMENTO EM DESTAQUE
Beautiful veil! Well worth it ~ and it was shipped when promised! I'd recommend this product!
Por Teresa2012-01-10 22:00:44DEPOIMENTO EM DESTAQUE
Just received this veil to go with dress #002004547. My daughter loves it! It has 2 layers. Each layer has 3 rows of beading and sequins. The row on the very bottom is solid pearlized and silver sequins with beading. The top 2 rows have the sequins and beading spread out further apart. Very sparkly and will give you a little extra bling (sparkle) from the back, especially if you have a plain dress in the back! It will catch the sun or church lights nicely. She intends to wear a flower in her hair off to the side with this veil attached lower on the back of her head. Nice finger tip length, too.
Por narjis2012-02-17 22:59:13DEPOIMENTO EM DESTAQUE
ou pusi je trouver la couronne au'on peut voir sur la photo?

Repondido por JennyJoseph 2012-02-17 23:01:27


Merci de l'interet porte a JennyJoseph.com
Il sagit de la reference suivante:http://www.JennyJoseph.com/Gorgeous-Clear-Crystals-Wedding-Bridal-Tiara-%28042004256%29-g4256

N'hesitez pas a nous recontacter si vous avez dautres questions .


Por Harriett2011-09-07 06:57:31
does this veil come with the tiera

Repondido por JennyJoseph 2011-09-07 22:45:09

Hi Harriett ,

Thank you for contacting us.

The veil does not come with a tiara. If you want one you can go to this link for more options:http://www.JennyJoseph.com/headpieces-c42/.

if you have any other questions,please feel free to contact us.

O seu comentário foi enviado com sucesso! Lembre-se que o seu comentário vai ser controlado para conteúdo inadequado nas próximas 24 horas. Obrigada por visitar JennyJoseph.com!
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Perguntas frequêntes de clientes: Perguntas frequêntes de clientes

Por Martina2013-08-04 00:56:14
I would like to visit your store to see by my own eyes. Please tell me the address in the US.

Repondido por JennyJoseph 2013-08-04 01:24:11

Thanks for visiting our website.

Actually, we are an e-commerce company. We just do business online and our customers are from all over the world.

We have won a good reputation all over the world. We highly suggest you have a try at our website. Please rest assured that we will never disappoint you.

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything else we could help with.

Por Kitty2013-07-16 00:33:38
hello, what color is available of the veil?

Repondido por JennyJoseph 2013-07-16 02:13:16

Thanks for contacting us.

We have checked for you. The veil is available in white and ivory. You can choose from the color drop down list.

If there is anything we can do for you, please feel free to contact us!
Por Meroy2013-07-15 23:50:10
is this veil available in ivory? and how long is it in the photo?

Repondido por JennyJoseph 2013-07-16 03:03:21

Thanks for visiting JennyJoseph.com!

We can make the veil in ivory for you.

The information you need is as below:
Actual Veil Length: 23.62 in (60cm)

If there is anything else we can help with, please feel free to tell us.
Por Rachel2012-04-11 11:50:58
Does this veil include a comb? Also, does the second layer flip forward so it can be used as a blusher?

Repondido por JennyJoseph 2012-04-12 00:31:13

Thanks for contacting us! Yes the veil has a comb and it can be flip forward to be a blusher. Is there anything else we can help with? :)
O seu comentário foi enviado com sucesso! Lembre-se que o seu comentário vai ser controlado para conteúdo inadequado nas próximas 24 horas. Obrigada por visitar JennyJoseph.com!
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